The Cooking Room

The Cooking Room: Contract Production

Turning produce into product

The essence of this service is to allow growers to turn their produce into shelf-stable products quickly and efficiently. We can take excess produce when it is at its peak in terms of flavour and quality but at its lowest price, and turn it into a variety of shelf- or freezer-stable products that can be sold later in the season when supply lessens and demand grows.

We provide this service and can bottle and vacuum bag products such as sauces,
jam, puree and even reduced fruit paste, ensuring you have a product to suit almost any market that is made from all-natural ingredients and contains zero additives.

The facilities

Our kitchen is a state of the art commercial kitchen - take a look at our Kitchen Rentals section for more specific details - and the highlight of our facilities for contract production is our Roboqbo. For more information on this fantastic machine, see our Roboqbo section and read the detailed document which explains the capabilities clearly.