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What is Roboqbo?

This is a tough question to answer. I think it depends on how you might use it in your business - it's part irreplaceable staff member, part kitchen genius and part time-saver. I describe it to a chef as a Thermomix on steroids or an industrial food producer. Regardless of your application, superlatives abound.

The current generation of Roboqbo is the third, with major developments obvious from the previous generation. The Roboqbo is a fully automated industrial food processor, essentially an industrial cutter that can cook, in a choice of standard atmospheric pressure, as a vacuum cooker or as a pressure cooker.

By combining these facilities, an operator can cut, mix and cook just about anything. You can cook under pressure incredibly quickly, then reduce under vacuum in minutes rather than hours, giving you jam from any fruit in 10 minutes or a fabulous Ragu Bolognese in under 30 minutes.